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Studying why some people make it bigtime and others never seem to accomplish much has been a lifelong fascination and study of mine.

I've taught seminars and have been honored to have over 80,000 people attend my Two-Day Wall Street Workshop. It was expensive, costing over $4,000. It intrigued me that someone would go home and make $800,000 over the next year, and someone else, maybe a person who sat next to the $800,ooo person, would go home and lose $20,000. Same education, same instructor, same timing, and, well .  .  . that's about it.

The drive, the passion were always different. Here's my point: If you took 10 people and lined them up against the wall and asked us to pick out the one who would make it in the Olympics, we could look at their physics, their demeanor and general attitude. Most of us would pick the right one. But when it comes to business, or financial matters, or even motherhood there is no such standard. It's usually a good thing. I'm reminded constantly not to judge others—"Look not on the height of their stature .  .  . "

One thing we do know is that most people don't make it big. Most flounder and do not amount to much. 90% of people have to substantially cut back on their of living when they retire. Right now 67.9% of people take home $3,000 a month or less. That's not their gross, but their net.

Many people do not make it because they do not deserve it. I know I'll step on a lot of toes with that sentence, but it is true. What experience have you had, what knowledge have you gained that qualify you to be wealthy?

You can learn all you need to qualify, but in that experience is the best teacher, it is truly a wise person who learns through the experiences of others.

Most people spend their time frivolously. “One of the greatest tragedies of the average person is the tendency to spend our whole lives perfecting our faults.” —Norman Vincent Peale

One of my students said: "You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can't make both." That is a profound statement. The sad part is, that many people excel at making excuses. At that they get an A+.

And so many are unwilling to change. They get complacent, apathetic and just wander through life.

Here are three powerful suggestions to get ahead now and forever:

1. Be very careful  of whom you allow into your life to influence you. Walk with people of understanding. If you want to make $100,000 a year, hang around people making $100,000 a year.

2. Control your thoughts. Lean not unto your own understanding. Again, seek out great associates and learn to put quality into everything you do—especially in asking quality questions.

3. Always move forward. Don't ever quit. It comes down to the 4 Ps. PASSION, PRECISION, PERSEVERENCE and then the PROFITS. If you do not have a passion for the project, you'll never get to the precise details and stick with it long enough to be an "Overnight Success."

The saddest day in a man's life when he sets out to blame others. You are You, Inc. You are the President, Secretary and Treasure. And nothing happens until you advance your possibilities. Then and only then will you capture the Unlimited Potential you have within.

The world awaits your brilliance.


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