WOW, A Mini-Rally

When the market moves to extremes the movements get very erratic. We see one-hundred point swings in the Dow, both up and down. it seems like a good time to "Roll the Dow,' which is one of our trading strategies. We're seriously looking at that method right now, but we need more good news. Actually we need to get through all of the negative talk. We've been here before. We look at a particular stock, and then note it's in a industry. That industry is in a larger sector. The sector is in our American market, and the American market is in a worldwide economy—and all-in-all everything, both big and small, has an effect.

Oil is up and so is the market. There is currently a weird and perverse linkage with oil and the market.

Anyway, it's fun to watch the market recover, and funnier still to watch the pundits spin their tales.

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