Why Socialism Doesn't Work


Wade B. Cook

Let's look at what everyone wants out of socialism. The masses, we conservatives still like to call them people, want to survive. Thriving comes later, and they can be talked out of it. The Statists need to rule the populace. Some people "would expect never-ending existence from adversity." The elites promise to deliver. Within these two mutually dependent expectations lie the seeds of destruction. And if we don't change our ways we will be on the Eve of Destruction.

Steve McCann, after stating his that we have primary to survive and prosper, said, "A secondary characteristic of the human race, is the need by some within the group to conquer or maintain control over their fellow man. Those who considered themselves superior to the masses . . . step in and take control. Usually this is at the point of a gun. Oh, but not here; we Americans are unique. We vote them in.” He continued: "The easiest course to assume power was to promise, in return for supporting the state through a new ruling class, and they would provide the citizenry cradle-to-grave economic security.”

But a major problem arose. There is never enough money. Governments have the ability to go into unprecedented and unhealthy debt, and create monetary policies, like printing money and causing inflation to support their destructive habits for only so long. All over the world today, we are seeing the day of reckoning unfold. " . . . only the capitalist system, which is anathema to a powerful central government and its attendant oligarchy, can produce sufficient wealth to underwrite a social safety net for the general public and finance the agenda of the governing class."

Today  " . . . nearly half of all economic output is directed by politicians rather than entrepreneurs and small business." (Newt Gingrich) And what is the talk today? Raise taxes again. Little do they know that raising the tax rates actually has a negative effect on revenue generation? "Raising taxes is hardly a profile is presidential leadership." (Ibid Gingrich)

To Be Continued.


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