What has happened to us?

Years ago I had a thought-provoking experience. A friend of mine had a great business. He had over 20 sales people, and their average income was close to $80,000 a year. He needed to hire several people to keep up with the demand. He ran a classified ad stating the info about his company, and that the average sales income was $75,000. He got one response.

When he told me this, I caught on to the $75,000. “Oh, no,” I said, “don’t put in $75,000, put in $35,000.” He did do and received 84 phone calls.

What is it about us—our economy, our culture, our mental state—that makes us think less of ourselves? Are we so beaten down that we can’t imagine a greater income, a better life, a more abundant way of living?

I hope you hang out with me. I love business and marketing. I purvey happiness. For example, some of these points within this article are written for a new team I’m forming to help people see a way to make more income, and thereby secure time-freedom and money-freedom.

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