Thanks for checking in.1. We're looking at the Apple (AAPL) trade. We jumped in and bought the calls for a quick trade. 2. AstraZenaca (AZN) is doing a 2:1 split on Monday. 3. Netflix (NFLX) just did a 7:1 split. The stock was near $690 when it did its split. It was up at that point almost a double for a year. We got the stock for $647 presplit. Then on the split, the stock went to seven shares for each one we had, at $98, and now it's up to $115. /think about this. Netflix at $700 would take a lot to get to $800. But take 7 times $115 and what do you get? $805. I love stock splits. Ross Stores, Kroger Stores just did 2:1 splits. Apple did a 7:1 last June, as is 2014, and it's doubled since then. Visa (V) did a 4:1 earlier this year. There are many, and there are six times to trade this process. Do you have my new book on STOCK SPLITS? That's the title, by the way. Here's a link to get your free copy.

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