UPDATES: August 2018

August 14th. The market is having a mini-rally today. 95% of the S&P 500 have made their second quarter earnings announcements. Profits are up. I can't remember, but about 80% beat their projected earnings. Basically, business is booming. Most Americans feel it. 1. Apple did hit the One Trillion Dollar Market Cap. Let me take a minute and explain Market Cap, or Market Capitalization. Take all of the stock—the outstanding shares—and multiply it by the price of each share and you get the Market Cap. It's primarily good as a measuring stick. You see, a stock may dip a few dollars and millions come off the Market Cap, but the company is the same—profits and losses. 2. AMZN is moving to the Trillion Dollar mark. Both of these companies have something for sale. Other high-tech companies like FB and Google give away their service and make money in advertising and other services.


Well, July sure came and went quickly. Here are a few things that are driving the market or a particular stock.

  1. Disney (DIS) is doing well. They are going after the streaming market where content is king. For example, they're targeting Netflix.
  2. Samsung is investing 22 Billion Dollars into—everything.
  3. The 10,000,000th Mustang just rolled of the line. But Ford (F) stock seems stuck around $10. I sort of like it as a covered call stock.

I'll add more later. Errands to run.

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