Trump and More

It's March 1st. The news is all about Super Tuesday. Hey, Leap Year Day went by so fast. It was a good day. Maybe we're all destined to have a good day every four years or so. No, I'm much more optimistic than that. Have you ever really looked at the word "Optimistic?" I get the Opt, as in opportunity, options (see this site for more on options coming up), and optimal, but combining opt with mistic, or mystic, is unusual. Oh well, time to get the mind in gear. Here is a question for you: Can you name one word that has three u-s in it? The answer is in the last paragraph.

Here is my thought on Trump, the presumptive front-running candidate: Another day, another 3 reasons to not vote for Donald Trump. Sorry, I want to like him, but there is too much negative surrounding him.

There are some interesting things happening in the market. I want to weigh in on one of them. There was a long debate this AM on FBN, the Stuart Varney Show. They showed a ten year chart and commented that the economy has been in the doldrums for ten years running.

We have seen less than 3% growth in our GDP—Gross Domestic Product. Many quarters this growth has been near zero.

And it has nothing to do with the so-called financial mess Obama inherited. I study this information all of the time. Truth be told, you can trace the economic malaise to June of 2006. This is within the last two years of the Bush years, but more importantly, it is the time that both houses of Congress, now in Democratic hands, set forth their horrible set of laws, new regulations and overall meddling in the economy. As Ronald Reagan said: "Government is not the solution, Government is the problem."

Government meddles, and we lose some freedoms. Government regulates and the economy goes down. Seriously, can you point to one action by government that has made things better? If that is too big of a question, I'll narrow it down: Can you think of one part of ObamaCare, one regulation, one rule, one paragraph—okay, one sentence—that has made better the care of your hospital or Doctor? Go ahead, name one.