Here's a quick thought for beginners. A Ticker Symbol is just a computer symbol to be used to look up info on a particular stock.Some of them are creative, some cute, others don't make any sense at all. Here are a few we look up all of the time: AMD, an acronym for Advanced Micro Devices. CHK, a short form of Chesapeake Energy. AKS, AK Steel. MSFT, Microsoft. GOOGL, there are two Google stocks. The one with the L is the main stock—now renamed Alphabet, which I think is a stupid move. There 2:1 stock split was done in a myopic way—all for the benefit of control. FB, Facebook. Information that may be useful. Stocks with one letter in the symbol are on the NYSE, New York Stock Exchange. In fact, all one, two and three letter symbols are usually on the NYSE. Yes, there are exceptions. Four letter and five letter symbols are on Nasdaq. Here's your homework. Find, Mauna Loa Nut Co. Now, Winnebago. US Steel. The symbol. Many companies what to be a one letter symbol—like many older/prominent companies.

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