I would like to tell you about a good friend of mine. His name is Robert Hondel. I'll give a health update first, and then a powerful lesson —one you just may benefit from. Robert Hondel Update. For those of you who were not familiar with or previous company, Stock Market Institute of Learning (SMILe), Robert was our Sales Manager, then the CEO/COO. He did a great job, and our people loved him. He's had a bad heart for awhile, and recently went in to have a pump placed in/near his heart. He's home now and doing well. This pump may give him 10 more years of a beautiful life. We hope so. Meda, his wife, has a abundance of love, and is a true companion. I love visiting with them and feeling the good Spirit in their home. Robert, or Uncle Bob, is cheerful and on the mend. In the hospital, they let me listen to his heart though a stethoscope. Instead of the thump, thump, all I heard was—hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He's humming along. Thank Heaven.

I've learned many lessons from Robert over the years. As an educator, I spent much time talking about tools, like tools in real estate or the stock market. One day Robert mentioned to me that le could build a complete house with three carpentry tools: A hammer, a square and a saw. Now, I'm sure he uses modern day power tools, but the point is that life is simple, if you think properly. A whole house. In the market, all we really need is three tools: A stock, and option and a trading platform (like a brokerage account). You can literally make tons of money with just these three tools. Now, like in carpentry, the quality (results) will be based on skills. That's where I want to be as an educator—helping people do the following: 1. Learn what's available—the strategies, methods and formulas. 2. How to practice more effectively—so when it's time to use real money you're in-the-know and on-the-go. 3. Help and support—using the three Es: Is it essential, effective and efficient?

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