It is most difficult to keep your wits about you when there is so much turmoil in the world. It’s a blessing to live in this great country. May blessings be upon the victims and families of the hatred shown by people who hate America. But, the blessings do roll on.

My wife and I joke about making money off the weirdest things. We ask, “How do we monetize that?” We have simple, yet effective ways to generate income—NO MATTER THE MARKETS.

The three Es of success are ESSENTIAL, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT.

1.     We must question our thoughts and activities. Is this ESSENTIAL? Politically speaking, “Is it Constitutional?” Of the three reasons for being in business or investing—Cash-Flow, Tax Write-Offs and Growth—what is essential to you right now? Will that change?

2.     Can we move forward, EFFECTIVELY? Can we get the results we want? How would we measure the effectiveness of our thoughts, our activities and our results? How do we improve? How do we increase? How do we adapt, change and re-evaluate our priorities?

3.     Can we move forward EFFICIENTLY? First, how do we measure results? Efficiency means is the process, not only worthwhile, but accomplished at a good cost? Is the money we spend and the energy we expend measurable and the processes improvable?

We need to consider all three of these. I think of these three as a father and husband. Most definitely, I consider these in business and investing. If I’m honest with my thought processes and summations, I stand a good chance of improving my lot and the lot of those around me.

In 1Corinthians 10:23, It states: Just because something is legal, it isn’t necessarily good; just because it’s possible, it doesn’t mean it edifies.” (Paraphrased) In short: COULD DOESN’T MEAN SHOULD.

I offer this here to help you make better decisions. Use the three Es as a smell test. Keep these measuring sticks handy—use them efficiently.


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