THE S.T.A.R. SYSTEM This report that will help anyone, beginning and more experienced investors alike—make more money, and make it easier and faster than ever. It’s in the STARS. Speaking of the STARs, let me share the system we use to explain a trade. We are the company that uses real trades, either ours, our students or RSVP Trades. We can’t put in all of the information about each trade, but there should be enough information to help you make similar trades. We use STAR as an acronym. S. The Scenario in the market. What's the storyline? What's going on with a particular stock and what's going on in the sector, the whole market, and even the economy. Why do this trade now? T. The Technique to be used. Is it a covered call; a Bull Put Spread; a straight option, a stock split, or a spin-off? A. The Actual trade. What we paid for the option or the stock, then what did we take in for selling the option if it is a covered call trade. R. The Results. Either the expected results—and this may change as the trade matures—and/or the actual results achieved—win or lose. And if appropriate the lessons learned—good or bad.

Yes, we use the STAR system, but I suggest that if you use this S.T.A.R. system in your own trades—after watching us use it for educational purposes—that your trades will go better. In fact, by thinking it through—especially the exit point, or expected profits—it will cause you to rethink many trades and not enter trades that will do harm with little upside potential. All of the above is designed to help you think more clearly, taking into account numerous points, and help you connect the dots better. This STAR System is part of another article, which is our continuous attempt to help people make better decisions and stay out of trouble. Many companies teach that there is some secret, some formula that works all of the time. They build their reputation on this, and I challenge these so-called formulas all of the time. Show me the money.

If I could make a 3- or 4-point list and say if you just do these things in order, all well go well, I would do so. But it doesn't exist. Many people think that some “black box” exists—a little inside secret or methodology that works every time. Sorry. It comes down to using all the science you can gather, then turning it into an art. And you'll never be a great painter or artist or cash flow expert without starting and learning and growing as you go.

So there are no misunderstandings, let me pose the following:

  1. We are into “Position Trading.” This means getting our money in the way of movements. Today, we call this a “Forklift” Trade. Where is the forklift that will move this box from here to there?
  2. We constantly teach: Know Your Exit Before You Go In the Entrance. That is what the STAR System is all about.
  3. We are students first, educators second. I hope you appreciate the importance of this. We do what we teach and teach what we do. We are pure educators. Find anyone, anytime, anyplace in the Stock Market who, a. gets nothing out of what you do? b. has 29,000 plus trades bringing wisdom based on experience and commonsense. c. and who has embedded in their DNA a love for teaching and a passion for teaching.

We’d like to say that in this regard—helping people get through the learning curve—that we are in first place, but when we look around, there is no one in second place. We are the “TAP-ROOT” Company.



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