The Economy and a FREE book

May 6th, 2015. Whew, what a Cinco de Mayo we had. I’ll way in on a few things in the market.1. Stocks are doing fine. The economy is sluggish, last quarter posting a growth rate of .02 percent. A healthy growth rate is 3% minimum, but better at 4% to 5%. The result rate two quarters ago have been revised to a negative number. 2. Unemployment numbers will be out Friday. The “powers-that-be” will twist the numbers to make themselves look good, but the percent of people in the “Labor Participation Rate” dismal. 3. There are still opportunities everywhere, however. 4. The other day I mentioned that activity is heating up—mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs, share buy-backs, expansion overseas, etc. Microsoft (MSFT) is eyeing Salesforce in a multi-billion deal. There are many others. 5. Electronic Arts just announced better than expected earnings. There are others. 6. IDXX just announced a 2:1 stock split. 7. The trading blog is doing well. It’s a trade tracking, trade (do the deals) only available to subscribers to WIN/TDT. I hope you become a part of this process. 8. My new book, TURBO MONEY, is available and it is (the e-book) FREE for a limited time. Go to this link and get your copy today:

I hope all is well with you. Let me know how I/We can be of service to you.