THOUGHTS ON TAXATION AND LIFE.Tax talk is all the rage. So much talk, so little thought. We all agree that the government needs money. That’s about where our agreement ends. 1. We don’t need more and more government. 2. We don’t need government in every aspect of our lives. 3. We don’t need intrusive and obstructionist government bureaucrats. The Left and Right, to me, can be defined this way: THE LEFT love government. They see government as their way to social engineer our lives. They mean well. They call it, “Activist Government.” They get good at the machinations of government. They use the power derived there to accomplish their goals. THE RIGHT love individual liberty, free from government interference. They want to reduce taxes, reduce regulations, and allow people the liberty they have as their God-given right to raise their families, run their businesses and build their lives. I believe the following statement says what is in my heart: “The bigger the government, the smaller the man.” “Government is not the answer, Government is the problem,” so said Ronald Reagan. I started this article with a comment about taxes. Let’s get back to that and show you the real-world difference between the two. 1. The Left believes in Targeted and Temporary Tax Cuts. 2. The Right believes in Permanent and Broad-Based Tax Cuts. Said another way: The Left wants to use taxes for Social Engineering, therefore they get a complicated Tax Code. The Right wants to simplify the Code and not use government to choose winners and losers. © 2018 Wade B. Cook. All Rights Reserved.

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