There was a most interesting report on the radio awhile. It spoke to new research done in regards to wealth and health. For anyone who has been around the block, anyone one with common sense, experience and knowledge, the results were not surprising. It’s a wonder that people got so excited about this news. The gist of what was being talked about is that 40% of poor people smoke. Big surprise?

This speaks to how big of an effect this habit has on their current and long-term health problems. Oh, by the way, the average spent was about $50 a week. The side point is that wealthier people have better health. But ask yourself this: What comes first, the health or the wealth? We think about that a lot.

You see, we are on a quest to help people increase their income. We know that then—with a solid attempt to live life more abundantly, as in “the pursuit of happiness,” that people will live happier and healthier lives. We will continue to do our part. Please get this cash-flow to your friends and family so they can figure out a way to answer the question for themselves: What comes first, health or wealth?

We teach our strategies so as to attract more people so they can enjoy the fruits of getting assets to produce more income. Most people have never thought of this possibility. They think they have to trade their time and skills for money. No, that’s not our way. It’s a smart and wise person who realizes the need for an extra, independent source of income.

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