Some Thoughts, Proxy Stocks


There s so much speculation in the market. The Techies (Read that, Bears in most instances) are everywhere. Here are a few thoughts about the market, the economy, and my favorite, the government.

  1. Netflix is down a little more. I still like it a lot.
  2. Nike is doing well. It’s one of my favorite stocks. It’s butting up against $130.
  3. GE is all over the news today. It had earnings and did well. The company also announced it was going to shed its financial business(es). Many people think GE is a proxy for the whole market. I tend to agree. There are several other bell-weather stocks, but this is a good one to watch.
  4. The government just announced that 1,400,000 kids have dropped out of the government mandated and controlled school lunch program. And a million or so the previous year. The is a 4,700 page rule book regarding this lunch program, and kids are voting with their lunch pails. They’re not eating, or sneaking in food (including salt, a big favorite), going off campus, using vending machines, etc. It’s amazing to listen to the officials telling lies, spreading falsehoods, and just “not getting it.” Stuart Varney on FBN said, “This is top-down, ‘we know better than you.'”
  5. McDonald’s All Day Breakfast is a hit.
  6. The government, which messes up everything it touches (except the Military, when left to its smart ways, with minimal oversight) said it needs to spend a lot more money on infrastructure. It shows how stupid they are. They want $200,000,000,000 more in spending. As if that’s just what this economy needs. Out of the previous $820,000,000,000 stimulus package, 7% went to roads and bridges. They cannot talk without lying.
  7. I will be introducing more Bull Put Spreads. I’ll do one on McDonalds.
  8. Speaking of Stimulus Packages, the publisher just launched a really cool package on Clickbank. Here’s a link to get more   information.
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