Rally Ahead?

I was just sitting here quietly criticizing one of the major financial channels of TV for always putting a question mark at the end of their headlines. I think it's a cheesy way to start an article. Maybe it's a good way to start or move along a thought process. Heavens knows how many times I've written about asking quality questions. In short, I think our success, indeed our very quality of life comes down to two things: The quality of our associations and the quality of the questions—meaning, at the bottom line, that our decisions and our results are usually dependent on the beginning of the thought process. Armed with quality question we move on to gathering information. But do you see that the quality of this thought process starts with a good question. Then move on down to the results. Can you imagine a great result based on the wrong reasons, the wrong premise.

Many people climb the ladder of success to only find their ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

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