Political Thoughts

Someone posted an .  .  .  well, I don't know what they call it, but it stated all kinds of things that are different in the economy in regards to politics. The numbers were bad, and they asked if it were true? I wrote the following in response. This does not explain everything, but my point, I believe, is spot on. Wade Cook No, most of these numbers are skewed, but the point is good. Just because someone uses 2.4% instead of the actual number, it  still makes a point. If one were to see the real truth, it would be scarier than these numbers. For example, the LPR, or Labor Participation Rate is really high, It's 62.7 percent. That means of the able-bodied people who want to work, about 93,000,000 are not working. This is a tragedy. They want jobs, and/or better jobs. The Unemployment Rate touted by this administration of about 5% doesn't figure in all of the people out of the Labor Force. People on Food Stamps, for example, have gone from about 26 Million to 48 Million under this Democratic Regime. Millions more are below the poverty level. We need lower taxes (Rates), less government intrusion. We rail against ObamaCare, and we should, but Dodd-Frank (the Economic Boondoggle) is much more harmful. Anyway, the government is not the solution, it is the problem, so said Ronald Reagan. We need a politician who will say, "We can make America Great Again. I'll get in there and get government out of the way, and let Americans solve the problems of America."

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