Part 4: 22 Reasons



1. STEADY INCOME. The Stock Market makes a wonderful part-time business. It’s a cash flow machine—once you learn how to get assets producing income. 2. TRUST MOVEMENT. One verity: stock prices fluctuate. We use this movement to make repeated cash flow profits. 3. HERE TODAY AND TOMORROW. Options and stocks exist. Trillions are invested. It’s not going away. We use the market as our part-time business. 4. REAL “SPENDABLE” CASH. When you sell an option you generate income in one day. This can be immediately pulled out to pay your bills. Once you’ve developed a steady and sufficient (repeatable) income stream, then at your choice, you can quit your job. 5. USE OPTIONS THE RIGHT WAY. Stock options are just too risky for the average investor. Writing (selling) calls allows us to use options in a safer environment. 6. WRITING COVERED CALLS is a semi-passive strategy. Some say it’s boring. With a few hours a month, one can work $2,000 to $200,000. Think again: each $10,000 produces $1,200 to $2,400 cash profits in just a few hours of work. 7. WINNING STRAGEGY. One definition of winning is to have others (a broker, children, or a friend) work your money and support you through retirement—and, in sickness or health. This is a learnable, doable strategy. 8. NEXT GENERATION. A college student can work (after proper training) $2,500 and make an extra $500 a month for books, tuition, etc. 9. VACATION. You can be as busy as you like. Take a month or two off. Trades can work for you while you’re gone and/or be there when you return. This is easy to do while sunning at the beach. 10. INCOME REPLACEMENT. There is no need to quit your job or end your business until you’re ready. But you can get a second paycheck without getting a second job. 11. TIME FREEDOM. You control and use your time as you see fit. There are no constraints. Our Test: Can you be a better parent or grandparent (i.e. spend time with infants) and do these trades. YES. An Emphatic YES!

The Next 11 Great Reasons to Write Covered Calls will be coming soon.

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