In teaching seminars, and in my desire to really help people, I had to convince them of three things: 1) They (themselves) could do this; 2) They can do it now—in this market; and 3) They could do it where they are—with their own experiences and from their back bedroom. I'll repeat: YOU CAN DO THIS.

I'll use that statement to give you a quick lesson in Latin. I love the educational field. I've studied the processes to be a better teacher. One discovery was the Latin derivatives of the word educate and instruct. In Latin the word instruct is instruere. The base meaning is to pile on, like in pile on knowledge, information, facts and figures. The word educate is educere, meaning to "bring forth." Usually meaning to bring forth from the mind.

I've taught a lot of teenagers and sometimes you have to instruct, because they know nothing of a certain topic. Obviously, this is not reserved to teenagers. I bring it up because some of my happiest moments was teaching kids, especially my own. I would pile on the knowledge, which had to be done before anything can come forth. It amazed how quickly they picked things up, connected the dots, and started mentally putting knowledge to work.

The word educere in Latin has an extended meaning. It not only means to bring things for from the mind, but to bring things, usually people, forth from a place. That place could be a ghetto, a backwards situation, or even the misery of poverty. Once I received an award called the "Warrior Against Poverty." I have loved this process.


Now comes a new idea for you. I commend you for reading this. Change is one of the most difficult things in the world. It's so easy to sit back and judge, be negative, and be sarcastic. Those characteristics serve no purpose whatsoever, so it's heartening to see people come to learn and get on through the learning curve. It's my job to help you see the opportunity and lead you to more monthly income, as crass as that sounds.

Yes, it is real. I’ve done over 29,000 trades and investments. No one I know of has these quantity and quality of experience. The market trading and investing wisdom gained in the real world, and the tens of thousands of people I have met and taught, has given me level of compassion, empathy and desire that has become the hallmark of my teaching style and my life. This is to your benefit.

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