NOVEMBER: A few thoughts

NOVEMBER: A few thoughts—hopefully you can trade on.1. How Walmart goes, so goes the country. I've been saying that for 200 or 300 years. Their revenues are up. Same store sales are up. Online sales are up 40% again. In short, there is strong customer growth. I thinks this bodes well for a great Christmas season. 2. I still have an affinity for energy stocks. Some of my favorites are MRO, CHK, and RIG. 3. Facebook is under pressure; Revelations keep coming out—it seems like their asking for regulations and government intervention—and my hope was that we as user could judge for ourselves, make changes in our usage and what we're willing to allow them to do with our information. Alas, my hope for a self-governing electorate/consumer is being dashed. But their the main game in town. 4. Speaking of energy: We just became (October) a net exporter of energy—not just oil. Our net exporter/net importer will change from time to time, but we as a country are heading in the right direction. Thank you, Mr. President. 5. Today on BBN, onw guest, while talking about companies and their profits said: "Fundamentals reign supreme." Hear, hear. I agree.

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