On this penultimate day of the year, It's time to think on important things. Important and worthwhile thinking leads to great things. I'm struck by how many ideas have taken over our lives which have a semblance of truth, but fall short of true Biblical Principals. The greatest source of wisdom, both worldly and heavenly, is found in our wonderful Bible

  1. New Year's Goal Setting is not Biblical. Don't set goals the old-fashioned way. Be. "What manner of person ought you to be?" Be the kind of person that loses weight, gets organized, is more successful, kind, loving, etc. "Be ye therefore perfect .   .   .  "
  2. Living a balanced Life is not Biblical. The Bible teaches us to "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven." All will be added to us when we have our priorities right.
  3. Fate controls our lives. "We can't help it" is not Biblical. Our thoughts control our actions, habits and destiny. "Lean your thoughts to God's Understanding." Control your thoughts, control you future.
  4. "We are left alone to our own devices is not Biblical." God wants to be our God. He loves us and wants to be an important, indeed the most important, part of our lives. The Bible is a history of God's interactions with man. We should study these teachings.
  5. Government interposing itself into every facet of our lives is not Biblical. Yes, "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," BUT do not render unto Caesar the devotion, love and tithes meant for God.
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