News Today

The news is all over the map. This Iran deal is front and center in many people's minds. One general was on TV today and said, on the war going on now against ISIS is that, "The Battlefield is dominated by lawyers." And we all know what happens when lawyers dominate anything. I weep for our country (and Israel) and pray for our leaders. Another statement was made in regards to the Google Reshuffling. Said one commentator: "INOVATION DRIVES EXCELLENCE." Well, not always but it's a nice sentiment.

One major NASA scientist said of the President's Climate Plan: "ALL PAIN, NO GAIN." He had the stats to back it up.

I wonder if people (Enviro-Groups) will sue the President or the head of the EPA personally for the huge Environmental Disaster with the orange, read that toxic, river in Colorado and now New Mexico. Well, the Government went after the CEO of BP personally and other companies' leaders. They were six companies removed from the decisions, but were targeted personally. What's good for the Goose .  .  .

The government seems to frequently escape responsibility. Maybe one should stay home from all of the campaigning and watchover the government's bureaucracies.

THERE IS NO FINANCIAL CRISIS OR PROBLEM FACING AMERICA THAT THE FREE MARKETS CANNOT NOT FIX. If government would just get out of the way and let Americans fix America.

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