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This is the beginning of a third week of good earnings. This week it's Apple. Funny, I think the expectations are wonderful, but the stock is down $3 or so. The Social Security Admin. (National Wage Council) just announced that 50% of Americans make less than $30,000. This is horrible. It's above the poverty level, but not by much, ($22,400). Why so bad? In one word—Obama. His policies (socialist and liberal) are horrible. The regulations of ObamaCare and all other government regulations are intrusive and stifling.

Many people do not know how bad ObamaCare is to people—deductibles are high and increasing. Insurance rates are going up, even more. Some will rise 80%.

This doesn't speak to how many small business—the economic engine of our country—are not hiring people because of the added burden. This is real and very serious.

Add to this unfettered immigration, and wages are squashed.

The stock market is doing well, in spite of the liberal government. We are the leader in the world economy, and we simply need more freedom. This country, this economy is poised for a huge surge, but not while this "gang in charge" is, well .  .  .  in charge.

I'll comment more later. Join me often and let's heat up this conversation.

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