Hello my friends, We are launching this new blog site to gather in all of my old friends, customers, students and hopefully a whole lot of new friends. I'll introduce my self along the way, but I think you'll get to know me through my writings.

A while ago I wrote some fascinating information on Warren Buffett's (Berkshire Hathaway) incursion into Bank of America. I will post part of that here, in installment format. This is must reading for anyone who wants to learn the inside secrets of investing in the stock market, I promise you that you could look in hundreds of books and never find anything like this.

So, let's get going. I hope to engage with you so feel free to ask questions and make comments.

Oh, we are keeping this to three threads—or streams of thought: MONEY AND POLITICS, THE STOCK MARKET AND POTPOURRI, a hodgepodge of interesting and worthwhile topics.


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