Mr Trump's Trip

The President will soon be heading off to Davos, Switzerland. There he will mingle with the high and mighty. I wish they were the high, mighty and quiet. Stuart Varney said, “Davos is the home of globalism, climate change, open borders and income inequality. The world’s Billionaires will be talking to other Millionaires about leftist politics. Our President is going to be like a nuke right in the middle of them? This Stuart’s final admonition was, “Stick it to them, Mr. President.” Here’s is what Keith Fitz-Gerald said later on the same Stuart Varney FBN morning Show: “Davos, this is somewhere between April Fools, Halloween and a Dystopian Universe. It’s about time these guys in Davos get upset, because the Apple Cart needs to change.”

Well, there are many things in our world that are changing, and most of it will be good changes. Long Live Freedom and the Free Enterprise System.”

Money and PoliticsWade Cook