Part Two: MONEY AND POLITICS: A PRIMER Isn't it about time for some clear thinking? Margaret Thatcher stated: "Socialist governments always fail because they always run out of others people's money." We see ample evidence of this in the world today, and again fear sets in as we do not want to see the United States go pell-mell over the same cliff as other nations. For example, in a recent two year period of this Socialist Administration we have accumulated as much debt as the last 220 years. More Progressive mumbo-jumbo: 1. "Progressives promise a program for every problem, and a progressive promise is that every unfulfilled desire is a problem." 2. FDR, of the Wilsonian Alumnus set out to resume Wilson's march along the path of their so-called real progress "by giving government the vibrant personal character that is the very embodiment of human charity." 3. Contrast this to a question asked recently in Investor’s Business Daily: ". . . do they envision a nastier America where only the state provides charity?" 4. James Madison said: "Charity is no part of the legislative duty of Congress." Did he understand the evil of forcibly taking money from one person to give to another? Tyranny in the name of social justice is still tyranny. 5. Progressives think that the Constitution actually frees the government from limitations. We know however that as government gets bigger and bigger, freedoms get fewer and fewer. 6. Leftist feel that their movement is actually an "Emancipation Proclamation for Government"—"empowering it to regulate all human activities in order to treat all human desires as needs and hence as rights." (George Will) 7. "Needs breed rights. To have needs addressed, LBJ's government set out to provide Americans with 'purpose' and 'meaning.'" Again, thank you Big Brother. 8. Without "limiting principles" Progressives, no matter how big government gets, feel "it should be bigger." (Ibid Will) 9. William Voegeli said: “inviolable are a portion of one's own private wealth and income . . . regardless of the lofty purposes social reformers want to make it." 10. And again to FDR, instead of reigning in big government, repudiated "that government is instituted to protect preexisting and timeless natural rights," promising "the redefinition of these rights in terms of a changing and growing social order." We don't need any repudiation or redefinition or redistribution. In fact we don't need any "re" at all, except restore.