By Wade B. Cook


One of the most perplexing aspects of our society is that so many people willingly sacrifice their freedoms for a promise to have someone else take care of them. Oh, that there are people who want to control and dominate others with a We-Know-Best attitude is not hard to understand. It is almost pathological, but they are everywhere. Again, why would anyone make a deal with the Devil to have control of their lives usurped?

It must be the desire to get something for nothing. All they have to do is vote in the right

Benefactor. These statist confiscate other people's money and the recipient receives stolen property, not even knowing the damage they do to their own souls.

President Obama wants the Constitution to spell what the government can do to us. He realizes our rights and protections, but he wants the government to have its own bill of rights. He calls them "Positive Rights," and HE was a Constitutional Lecturer. He is the current leader of this Progressive Movement which has roots in Marxist thought, but blossomed out into an intellectual movement around the end of the 1800s, and gained ground in the early 1900s. Then and now, it is humorous to see how far afield intellectuals have gone. They talk a good talk, and trap in their web unsuspecting people, especially the young and inexperienced, but their walk in real life is quite pathetic. Millions have died of health rationing, starvation, and downright murder at the hands of these elites. America cannot afford such a fate, but as day follows night, these people are there and they never give up. They never seem to sleep. We must keep them from the reins of power. The soul of our nation depends on it.

Let's look at these comparisons in thought. Think hard on these and see if you agree with our Founding Fathers or our more recent Leaders as they lead us along the path to Socialism. Madison: Our Founding Documents are replete with the limitations of government. We have certain unalienable rights from God. The constitution is to protect us from government.

Progressive: Woodrow Wilson was the first President to openly criticize our founding Fathers and Documents. He rejected limited government. He said history was an autonomous thing and that it (history) rather than the laws of nature define government. "Government exists to dispense an ever-expanding menu of rights." He said, "entitlements serve an open-ended understanding of material and even our spiritual well-being."

This way of thinking comes from a belief that there is no "limiting principle." Isn't is just precious that they would have government worry about our spiritual well-being? Progressives think that progressing equals improving.

Madison: He and virtually every other original thinker said that government should control itself. Wilson words: Government has "unstinted power." Madison relies on natureā€™s laws and Wilson wants whatever government can concoct. ". . . progressives in effect declare that democratic deliberation about the legitimacy of the welfare state is illegitimate."