In the business bus-station of life, we look for worthwhile and worthy projects. We look at the buses coming and going. Will this one get us to where we want to go? Is this one marked with the right signage? If something goes wrong, is there proper management and team leaders to work our way out of the pot-holes in the road and excel? We humbly invite you to check out LegalShield and IDShield. These are category-creating services and everyone needs them. Seriously, there is not one person or company who does not need their services. We are Independent Associates and would love you to check it out.

When we look at a company to determine if we want to pour our time, energy and talents into building our own business marketing their products we look for Great Management. We want to see a history of success, stability and progress. We want the product to be highly consumable, and readily useable—and have this service easily recognizable as needed, unique and relevant.

We realize quality products attract quality people. What is the success ratio of Fellow Associates? How long to customers use the service? What are their sales tools like?

We also look at the compensation program and determine if the company’s management has first and foremost the needs of the customer in mind. Next, we look at how they treat their Associates—both in compensation, including the basic structure and bonus plans; and how they go about supporting the Associates, including training, tools and team-work.

We are pleased to share with you our findings, hoping you visit our Independent Associate Link below, and look for yourself. There are a few powerful videos, expertly written content, and a way to quickly and efficiently move you through the educational process.

We believe in getting people excited with knowledge. Discovery is a wonderful process and we’re excited to help you start this journey. We promise you the time will be worth it.

In short and in our opinion, on a scale of 1 to 10, LegalShiel and IDShield rate a  .   .   .  well, we’ll just have to go get a new measuring stick.

An Invitation to Excellence: 2-MINUTE VIDEO:

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