Market Musings

Good Morning. I keep watching this market and all in all, May has been a good month. We quoted the market adage about May being a weak month, and there are still 10 days left, but so far, so good.

1. There are definitely some huge mergers going on. That's good for everyone. 2. Also note that many companies are announcing large share buy-backs. I really like that. What a company is saying is that they look out for business opportunities and they like their own company so much that their own stock seems like the best deal—at least it is a deal they know about. The side effect is that it does support the price of the stock, usually. 3. The home-building stocks are okay, but the home-improvement stores are doing really well. I'm an old real estate guy and I've contended for years how important the real estate industry is. Yes, it's the season for home-improvement—meaning gardening and such activities—but many people are fixing up their homes and staying put. That will change as it always does. 4. We still like Netflix and other stocks coming up on or doing stock splits.


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