Market Musings

May 12th 2015A FEW MUSINGS: 1. Netflix is always in the news, it seems. The announcement recently is that Netflix (NFLX) is that it is being used more than regular television. Now, if you want to peak behind the numbers, it’s a bit difficult to do. Is that Network TV or Cable, or Satellite? Well, I know at our house we use Netflix a lot, but not as much as regular TV—well, not yet. 2. Netflix has announced that it is going to vote (shareholders) for an increase in the number in authorized shares. This news hit when they said the primary reason for doing so (at least, this is what others surmised), is to do a stock split. The shares will change from 170,000,000 top 5 Billion. That is enough to do a 30:1 stock split. I really don’t think it would be that much. I think a 10:1 or even a 5:1 is more like it. But Netflix is full of surprises, so, who knows? The meeting is set for June 9th, and there is no promise that all of this other news will play out at the same time. My new book is part of a million-book-giveaway. Get it right away. It will astound you. Follow this link, and get the ebook for FREE. Will you share this link with your friends? 3. Our job is to Educate, Entertain and Enrich, and we take our job most seriously. Wade Cook

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