March 19th, a few thoughts

March 19th 2015: Today’s TDT was especially good. I hope you are a subscriber already. I’m saddened when I think of people facing the Stock Market alone. There is power and synergy in team work. Please consider putting The WIN TEAM to work for you. A FEW THOUGHTS. 1. Visa (V) did it’s four for one stock split. The stock is at $66, having climed from $248 before the split to . . . well, four times $66 is $266. It did go higher. The stock chart shows this stock doing exactly what stocks normally do going through splits. More later. 2. Starbucks (SBUX) just announced a 2:1 stock split. 3. The market has waited all week for the FED prognostications from on high. Ms. Yellen dropped the word “patience” from their statement and the market went . . . well, it doesn’t matter much to people on the street, does it? Whatever the market did it reversed itself today. See the next point. 4. I commented recently that the market is moving up triple digits every few days. Then back down. In the 16 business days this month the market has been down 12 if them—very volatile. Yes, it’s waiting for the new earnings season.

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