Making Money in December

I wrote recently that I've noticed over the years that the market sells of from about December though the middle of the month. Only 1997 was an aberration from this. Again, the point of this is that if you are trading options, either by buying them, or selling them—as in Writing Covered Calls (Get JOB FREE INCOME at to explain this cash flow process)—the 3rd Friday expiration date looms large. That is this Friday. Now, we are getting ready to take advantage of the year-end rally. Will it happen? Who knows, but will Santa Clause come? With Apple launching new products, Disney and Star Wars, Nike doing a 2:1 stock split—I think the writing is on the wall.

  1. You could play straight options. Just remember with such a trade, the market forces work against you. Be careful. This is why I like Covered Calls. This process puts market forces to work for you, not against you. And we need all of the help we can get.
  2. Politics is a strange animal. But it is so wrapped up in or personal and country's economy.
  3. The big talk seems to be about the Fed raising the interest rate. Well, it's been six years. Everyone seems to really care. Why? Tell, me that a company will not seek a loan now because they will have to pay 4.35% instead of 4.25%. Raising the rate a quarter percent is a non-starter, but in the minds of the financial pundits it seems to be life's blood. They must be short on news items.
  4. There is talk about limiting teenagers access to and use of the internet. Tell me how they're gong to monitor that one. It's silly. My wife said, "They should all read 1984 again." But elitist and statist can't help it. They live to control others

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