Liberal Pap

We don't use the word pap very often. It means luke-warm, weak, nonsensical poppycock. I use it hear because the airways are so full of it. I call it liberal pap. I seriously can't believe anyone would quote Elizabeth Warren speaking about corporations. She's a phony—5% Indian when it suits her to lie to get a college position.

Another Example: Gov Pataki of New York can't help but get his jabs in. This AM while warning people to stay indoors, said, "I don't care how big your four-wheel drive truck is." Why can't he talk about the small little, Liberal Death Machines masquerading as cars.

Why can't the President—who uses his pen to issue illegal Executive Orders to fight against the laws of our country—use it to stop this East Coast storm, and fight against the laws of Nature's God.

And about these orders;

  1. He looses every challenge to these orders in Federal Courts, even all the way to the SCOTUS. He's been challenged 22 times and has lost all of these battles—even with a Liberal Court.
  2. Oh, to be sure he won half of the battle with Arizona, which was just trying to enforce Federal Laws.
And one last word taking the theme of "PAP." Their talk is one thing, and sadly some people fall for their lies, but you can't deny the results we see every day living among Liberal Policies.
I hope their political day of reckoning will come soon.
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