Legos and Stuff

Well, the talk seems to be about Legos running out of blocks in stores before Christmas. What has the world come to. Tesla is getting slammed, mostly by 1,400 people who have bought the S. The stock is down and going down further. One Company just put a $185 price target on it. I remember back is High School Economics, our teacher, Mr. Sullivan (Behind his back we called him Ed, as he did not look that dissimilar than the TV Host), said, “Never buy a car in it’s first year.” He went on and explained why. The seats don’t work right, the visors are too big. The muffler makes a funny noise, etc. etc. Well, guess what? That’s the type of complaints these car owners are making. The nuts and bolts will get fixed, and it will be interesting to watch how they respond and fix things.

The earnings coming out are mostly good. Companies across the board are doing well. Billions are flowing to America as our economy, even though it needs a strong dose of freedom—meaning less government—is doing okay. Our growth is anemic, what little we have is based on a larger base. 2.1% on today’s economy larger than the percentages based on the economy 10 years ago.

Follow earnings.

Tomorrow is the big day for Miss Hillary to tell her lies to congress. We’ll watch anxiously.

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