Legal Alien in the White House

LEGAL ALIEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE "Those that can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." —Voltaire

There is sure a lot of news and opinions about this current administration. Much of it borders on the rise and fall of the popularity of the current president, Barack Obama. I surely do not need to pile on, but I feel compelled to try to make sense out of it. This chapter will just explore his comments and actions and let you come to your own conclusion. It's easy to see how the Tea Party movement and the resurgence of the conservative voice has been kindled and fueled. We hear calls from a celebrity on a left wing TV show that challenge our conscience: "When will the President become a dictator on this spill and tell them what to do?" Several others chimed in in a chorus singing the same tune. And this is what passes on the left as thoughtful and concerned. Scary, very scary. This group of people love government and all the promises it is supposed to fulfill. It is the answer to all questions, the solution to all problems and these people, leaning so far left, can feel and touch a controlled society and economy. They are wrong about government's abilities. They are wrong now as they have always been wrong. "How remarkable it is to see a President who has put such exorbitant faith in the power of government excoriated by his allies for government failure." (WSJ, editors) Now, a lot of Obama supporters say, "He just feels creepy." This is not new. Even during his first campaign they admitted they did not know him—what he believed in, who his heroes were, and just about everything else. Really. He stated who he was. Those of us who really listened knew what he stood for. All we had to do is watch him, listen to his campaign speeches, and his remarks from the years before the campaign, and you could tell he was a far left Socialist. He denies it, he wants to hide from it, but he can't. The editors of the WSJ said: "Presidents speak to all America and they best build consensus through argument and persuasion—not by singling out political targets, cultivating resentment, questioning motives and mocking differences of principle or political philosophy."

NORTH OF THE BORDER Michael Ignatieff, a Harvard Professor and host of a BBC program, was running for high office in Canada. The people knew little about him. They were not sure where his allegiance lay. They were worried about his commitment to the land of his birth. He gave this lukewarm pledge: The race " . . . deepened my attachment to the place on earth that, if I needed one, I would call home." John Robson commented in the Ottawa Citizen: "I'm worried that a man so post-modern he doesn't need a home wants to lead my country." Now many Americans, "are beginning to pick up the strange vibe that is Barack Obama " . . . governing America is 'an interesting socialized experiment.'" (Mark Steyn) Mr. Steyn continued: "It's hard to imagine Obama wandering along to watch a Memorial Day or a July 4th parade until the job required him to." Well, that's a great statement, and he did forego going to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, which is a Presidential tradition. Instead he went on vacation in Chicago. And remember on the National Day of Prayer, he did not participate. He sat it out, not even voting "present." More from Mr. Steyn: "That's not to say he's un-American of anti-American, but merely that he's beyond all that. Way beyond. He's the first president to give off the pronounced whiff that he's condescending to the job—that it's really too small for him and he's just killing time until something more commensurate with his stature comes along." Indeed, one would think during the campaign from a German podium, when he said he was a citizen of the world that he was campaigning for something bigger than President of the United States. But the world is waiting (or so he thinks) and he is not alone in thinking he is of royalty. "There are millions of people like Barack Obama, the eternal students of a vast lethargic transnational campus . . . for whom he has global compassion." No wonder he seems so aloof to real problems, managing the government, and really solving problems. These are all distractions. "Like many of his background here and there, Obama is engaged by abstractions and generalities. Indeed, he is the very model of a modern generalist." (Both quotes Mark Steyn) ALIEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE Think about what people want in their president. They want the sun to shine on them and all they touch. They want the president to be at one time above the fray, but singular in purpose—knowledgeable, smart, passionate and one who believes in our way of life and all the good we enjoy. One who will protect and encourage these things. Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal said: What we all wanted (what we took for granted in our President) was " . . . a tone and presence that said: this is the American Leader, a man of them, for them, the nation's voice and champion." She continued: "A great part of America now understands that this president's sense of identification lies elsewhere, and is in profound ways unlike theirs." May I offer exhibits one through six, according to Dorothy Rabinowitz. 1. Upon entering the White House, he immediately had the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from the then English Prime Minister Tony Blair, wrapped up and returned to England. Not put in another place, not sent to the Smithsonian, not sent to another Presidential Library, or sent to President Bush, but returned to the giver. Unbelievable. This speaks volumes about his priorities and guiding principles. Most Americans love and appreciate Mr. Churchill. 2. Presidential appointees and Czars, not confirmed by Congress, go forth, transmitters ". . . of the latest invasion of reality." 3. We've been attacked three times on our own soil (by mid 2010) and this administration states our enemy is not terrorism. "It is what has caused the president and his counter-terrorist brain trust to deem it acceptable to insult Americans with nonsensical evasions concerning the enemy we face." 4. Michael Posner (of the State Department) acts like we're "buddies in reform" with the Communist Chinese, who have perhaps the worst civil rights violations of any nation on earth. Then he criticizes and sues Arizona for trying to enforce existing Federal Laws because the Feds won't do it. 5. Our standing in the world? Dismal. Now they all agree ". . . it is held as revealed truth that the U. S. is now and has been throughout its history, the chief engine of injustice and oppression in the world." No wonder so many people question his motives. 6. Evidence is everywhere that the ideas which have shaped him are "distant from American ideals and history." We want to see and know our President. We want him to represent us—our values, our goals, our desires, and the thoughts we have for our children. "They were a matter of identification with the nation and to all that binds its people together in pride and allegiance. These are feelings held deep in American hearts, unvoiced mostly, but unmistakably there and not only on the Fourth of July." (Ibid Rabinowitz) We see drastic measures everywhere, both in the spoken word and in government action. The wielding of government power is very real to this "gang in charge." Ken Salazar's remark that he'll keep his "boot on the neck" of BP is reminiscent of George Orwell's definition of totalitarianism: "a boot stamping on the human face—forever." If it weren't so serious and perverted, this 1984 regime would be comical. It is not comical to all who see the direction we are going. Is this your father's America?

WHO’S SMART? Recently Mark Maisonnueve made a poignant remark about Professor's Daniel Klein's study about who is smarter, (or more ignorant) Liberals or Conservatives: "Professor's Klein's survey results provide an important insight into the reasons liberals and progressives, including President Obama, are so obsessed with fairness over growth. They truly do not understand how wealth is created and therefore believe it is largely a matter of luck. In that case, it is only reasonable to transfer wealth from the lucky to the unlucky. Relentless education about the idea that luck is only a small part relative to hard work, ingenuity and rewards is a desperately needed antidote." By the way, the results after studying incorrect answers to eight questions basically found that the further left one is the more ignorant one is. It's not surprising to those of us who watch them every day. No wonder they keep attacking all right and good (translated SMART) thinking. They choose to "thug" their way through. But their approach will fail. It always has. The problem is all the destruction they leave behind. Michael Barrone said, "One prime assumption of the Chicago Way is that there will always be a bounteous private sector that politicians can plunder endlessly." Governments create nothing, but this government wants to control everything. Is there any wonder why people are skeptical and fearful? These smart people are everywhere in this administration. The President chooses people just like himself. There is not one person in his cabinet who has real world work experience. They all come from academia and government. When it comes to the economy, energy, mortgages, taxes or any other target on their screen they are full of smart people, but "smart people have brought us nothing but trouble." Why? "Smarts without values is dangerous—threatening, scary, virtually un-American." "A world of smart guys has turned against us. Again, Liberals get in their limos and are driven away from all the damage they cause. Richard Cohen said of the former Nazi rocket scientist (Werner von Braun): "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down. That is not my department." The way these people think is most frightening. This line of thinking and acting is "perfectly in sync with this administration's eagerness to impose government authority on the private sector." There is no sensible "why." It is who they are. "They've been taught academia is a substitute for hard work." (Both quotes Thomas Sowell) We're just the little guys and it's easy to think we do not matter. That's not what they want us to believe. They want us to feel that all they are doing is for our good. Hitler became a Dictator when he got legislation passed that said the government could do almost anything it wanted—"for the relief of the German people." Thomas Sowell wrote: "In our time, American democracy is being dismantled, piece by piece, before our very eyes by the current administration in Washington, and few people seem to be concerned about it." He also said, ". . . a democracy needs informed citizens if it is to thrive, or ultimately even survive. If you believe that ends justify the means, then you don't believe in constitutional government."


Vladimir I. Lenin coined the expression "Useful Idiots." We cannot afford to give in one bit. Socialism starts slow, but increases with every crisis, manmade or natural. Despots go after the young, the inexperienced and those who want something for nothing. The media is probably the biggest group of "useful idiots" of all. President Obama has developed a high-powered cult of personality. People are awed by him. His rhetoric stirs and inspires them with feel-good generalities, focus-tested phrases and redundant repetitions of thoughtless drivel. ____________________________________________

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