Last Part: The Truth About Money


As you contemplate the four benefits of Writing Covered Calls, what do you want and need? Do you see your answers and solutions in the preceding numbers and explanations? I hope so.

My passion is to help others get retired, at 42, 52 or 82. It is not some esoteric dream, but something I can do. I love seeing others live lives of abundance. I have drawers full of testimonials. There are none greater than the ones which tell me of the things people are able to do for others with the extra income. Notice I didn’t say the extra wealth? It is income that pays the bills, gets you out of debt, and lets you live a more abundant life.

Now, we come to the end of this chapter, which I hope is the beginning of a great and prosperous relationship. As you read TURBO MONEY you’ll be introduced to several educational products and services. May I commend them to you.

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