Last Part: The Industrious American

Part Five: THE INDUSTRIOUS AMERICAN Today the liberals are starting to preach "austerity and sacrifice." They do this every time their ideas fail. It's a losing strategy. Conservatives will do well to remember Ronald Reagan as he swept to a landslide victory. He promised to cut spending and a balanced budget, but what made him excel and go way over the top was his campaign to "RESTORE OUR COUNTRY TO BOOMING ECONOMIC GROWTH.

It works every time it's tried—in campaigns and in real life. This works. This gets people excited. This is the antidote to the poison of liberalism. For example, once again look to Europe. Their economies are in a disaster, but Spain, in an effort to avoid the catastrophe that happened in Greece, took some positive measures. Pres. Zapatero cut workers’ salaries (GOV) by 5%, including no raises for a few years. He ended all Green Programs. Yes, all. A Spanish University reported that green processes are all "job-killers." Spain can see the fate of Socialism, and conversely they can see the booming economies in Columbia, Peru, Chile and Brazil.

"Europe has taken the wrong path toward big government and an all-encompassing welfare state." (IBD) President of the EU Council, Herman Van Rompuy admitted to an astonishing fact: "We can't finance our social model anymore." Now the main punch line: He continued, "With 1% structural growth, we can't play a role in the world." How would you like our US leaders to tell us we can't play a role in the world. We hope for a change before it's too late. It’s sort of like, LEADING FROM BEHIND.

Someone is listening. As reported in the WSJ: "Higher tax rates don't produce prosperity or balanced budgets—as we can see from New York and New Jersey, or Greece and Portugal."

YES WE ARE  .  .  .

Yes, we are an industrious lot. Freedom and hard work are in our very makeup. There is a quotation by Horace Greeley that is so profound, not just for the young men to whom he is writing, but to all of us. After you read this and think about your own life and the character of this country, you'll wish this message would find purchase inthe heart of every politician. Maybe it is one point of the doctrine of freedom and accountability that would cause them to rethink their harmful policies.

"The darkest hour in the history of any young man is when he sits down to study how to get money without honestly earning it." (Horace Greeley)

 We need to protect our economic freedoms by using them. Start that business. Invent. Achieve. Grow out of your problems. There is no majesty in mediocrity. Doing enough to get by is just not appropriate to our promise of greatness. I am proud to be an American. May God bless and heal our precious land.

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