Hi, I am so excited with the results, explained and unexplained, of Prüvit's KETO/OS product. So, please forgive the contrived nature of this serendipity metaphor.



                                                 THE WISDOM IN SERENDIPITY

Long ago, in a land far, far way, Queen Sadhri wanted her two children, her son Juma and her daughter Rada, to learn wisdom, as they prepared to lead her people.

She called them in and told them she wanted them to go on a journey—a quest. She explained serendipity to them, those wonderful discoveries made while looking for something else. There was wisdom to be learned and employed, but she wasn’t sure they understood.

She wanted them to find the Orb of Wisdom, a sphere of curious workmanship.

Juma and Rada set out, not knowing what to expect, only having faith in their mother. They had lessons to learn and a long way to go.

Soon they encountered unspeakable danger, and they learned bravery. Next, high in the mountains they were thirsty and hungry, and they learned trust. Then in the valley they met people with confusing languages, and they experienced friendship and kindness.

The road grew longer and they were lonely, missing home. They soon learned patience and love. They were faced with unfathomable enigmas and they learned how find solutions. Next, faced with no resources, no money, they overcame and learned self-reliance and empathy.

But still they found no orb.

They found happiness in knowing their mother would love then anyway, though disappointed. They set out to return home.

Queen Sadhri wanted to hear of their journey. They were happy as they shared their experiences, but sad that they did not find the Orb of Wisdom. The wise Queen then explained that the Orb of Wisdom was all they had discovered. They had gained so much as they were looking for something else.


So, it is with life. We can live a serendipity guided life. Some may call it prayer or inspiration. To all it is a blessing, if we choose to understand and grow. And the discovery path is a happy place to be.


I thought of this story as I set out on my own journey. I wanted to find health, the ultimate wealth. It was important to me. I was given Ketones, a supplement, and I wanted to feel better. Then, other discoveries manifested themselves. I found happiness and a sense of well-being. I knew I was doing better for my body.

The weight dropped off, I felt like moving more. I was sleeping better. My depression and anxiety disappeared. Everything was getting better. Now I set out to discover more about this drink, and already I’m learning more.

Serendipity is a beautiful thing.

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