Well, it's October 31st and time to make commentary in this market, with a smidge of October thrown in. Where there's  One, there should be aa Two. Please know that I watch the financial stations for hours a day. I'm into Politics and Commerce. No, not just a little—it consumes me. So let's get to some info.

  1. There seems to be a money-flow away from bonds to stocks.
  2. Added to that, there is a move of investors looking for Dividend paying stocks.
  3. Europe is not fairing anywhere close to what the economy is doing here. When I first wrote the preceding sentence, I misspelled fairing. I spelled it firing. I could of/should have left it alone.
  4. We are at 3.5% growth and expecting it to go higher. Europe is at .2%—2/10s of one percent. This is like we were under President Obama. We were less than 1%, for more than one month/quarter. There are a few EU countries with greater percentages than that, but not by much. Socialism fails every time it's tried.
  5. Speaking about the EU and other statist regimes, they want to impose a tax of these high-flying companies. And this will be on the gross, not the net. It's horrible. Wash. State has such a tax—1.8%, driving out many companies. Boeing is one of note. The state tried to blame it on Puget Sound Traffic..
  6. Consumer Confidence has not been this high since 2,000.
  7. One commentator (Ray Wong) on FBN, said it's impossibe to time stock purchases right. I primarily agree. The economy is doing really well. There are huge Stock Buy-Backs going on and announced.
  8. Michelle Mckinnon, on FBN, commenting on the big High-Tech companies, said, "Eventually prices will catch up with earnings." There are billions of dollars of earnings.
  9. 88% of news/commentary on ABC, CBS and NBC is negative to conservatives. Higher for President Trump.
  10. I like this market and don't want to miss out.
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