Important Money Questions

I’m just finishing up my new book on Stock/Option Spreads. The title is SPREAD THE WEALTH. I like it for beginners, but I think everyone will like it. While writing I’ve had a lot of time to really think about people’s needs. I’ve come back to investing and its importance. I constantly think of you, the student, and the benefits of ownership: Cash Flow, Tax Write-Offs and Growth. The paramount benefit is cash-flow. Let me settle in on this for a moment. If you generate enough cash-flow you can quit your job. Everyone knows that, but they often fail to see that once you have excess cash-flow you can buy other investments for tax-benefits and equity growth.

Money, Business, Investments should be executed to solve problems. Do you have financial problems? Let me ask a few questions:

  1. What expertise must you have to make money, using your current methods? What are the trade-offs?
  2. Do you have a way to get assets to produce income so you can wind down your business or quit your job?
  3. Whom do you associate with? What does everyone bring to the table?
  4. If money were not an issue—meaning you have enough income—what would you do with your life? What kind of life would you live.
  5. Who is in your corner in the boxing ring of life?

That is what I do daily. I'm in the financial boxing ring of life helping people get out of debt, make more money so they can live better and retire better. Make sure you get the Report: Job Free Income. When you do you will also receive 10 auto-responder letters over the next few weeks.

Each one outlines specific things you can do to notch up your income.