Fear is a Killer

Many people feel a sense of fear when getting started. This has been on my mind lately, because, while fear is needed, it can be debilitating. Let me share a quick story. Years ago, I was teaching a seminar/workshop here in Seattle. We went on for a day or so, and then during a break, a little old man came up to me and asked. "Wade, what if you're so darn scared?" I had one of those brilliant moments that I rarely had. I asked a question: "What are you not scared of?"

He had $18,000 to use to help with his retirement. He hoped to make an extra $800 a month or so, if I remember correctly.

He had no answer at first. I asked, "could you risk half of $9,000?" "Oh, no, I couldn't do that," he said as he physically trembled. I asked, "how about $4,000?" "Ohhhhh, no, that would be too much." "How about $2,000." He smiled, but still didn't like it.

I finally asked, "How about $800?" He beamed, "Yes, I could do that."

That's the point. Start with an amount that you're not afraid of. Start in your comfort zone, and move out from there.

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