You've heard that we are an Exceptional Country. We are. But "Exceptional" not meant to imply that we are better than any other country. However, we are not descended nor ruled by a line of Kings and Queens—Monarchs. We are not at the mercy of Dictators—Communists, Fascists or Liberals. We do not live in anarchy, but we have come together and constituted our country—written by men, guided by God.

We wrote and accepted our Constitution—setting forth our FREEDOMS, and enumerating the limits and extent of Government. We are ruled by these laws.

Our FREEDOMS did not come from men; they come from our Creator, who blesses us with our agency. It is this Liberty that is the bedrock or our lives. And therefore our greatness is lodged firmly in our Unalienable Rights.

It is for this Freedom—to raise our families as we see fit; to worship the way we want; and to live FREE; and become what God has destined for us to become—for which men and women have died. Freedom is not FREE. We honor them.