End of News Cycle

March 16th 2015. Well the Ides of March came and went with Caesar still in office—metaphorically speaking that is. The market seems to be going up and down a hundred points or so every few days. Check out a chart of it lately. Use DJX or even DIA (this is an ETF—or an exchange traded fund, which is a trust that owns all of the DJIA 30 stocks. This ETF trades at 1/100th of the DOW. If the DOW 30 is at 17,970, DIA will be at $179.70 plus or minus a few pennies).

Every few days this gives us a good picture of what is going on. I want to address comments being made in the market. It seems that when we’re between quarters, meaning the quarterly news cycle, the media are starved for news. They inhabit a space of conjecture, speculation and guessing. It seems they’re all waiting for the Federal Reserve meeting this Wednesday. They are all over the map, parsing words to see what effect Ms. Yellen’s words will have on the market. I suggest more of the same. It is news driven. We’re heading into the very end of the news period for the year-end (2014) earnings reports and heading into the quarterly new cycle for the first quarter of 2015. Most companies are on these regular calendar quarters for their fiscal years. So the news will abound and be more real than all of the speculation. I like to write of these quarterly news cycles as they relate to making better trades and investments. If fact, I love trading (short-term) on good investments, like Writing Covered Calls. If you don’t have JOB FREE INCOME (a Special Money Report). There is contact information nearby.

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