Earnings . . . Not Yet.

I watch the news stations—especially the financial ones—and chuckle with their rantings. Today it's APPLE and a few others, like Disney, GOOGL and other companies commonly in the news. I wish they would just read my book. I've written on the RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT, trading system frequently. In short, it's news and no news. It's the market—and even a particular stock—that is moving into and out of the quarterly news period.

We're not there yet. All of the punditries yapping do not change the fact that we're not there yet. The quarterly news cycle will start in about a week.

Apple will soon have their real numbers. Oh, today, at CES in Vegas they announced that they had 1.200,000,000 Apps sold in this Christmas season. The stock was down but rebounded on that news.

Disney is another case. People don't get it. Star Wars is just fine. It should hit $2 Billion by the end of January (My guess), and they're opening in China in the next week or so. China? That is a huge market. The point is that their actual profits are still out there. And the report for the end of 2015 will have only 12 days of Star Wars sales.

The same with Netflix, Google, and a thousand other companies.

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