Crazy Times

I watch the news (I can only take it for a few minutes) and I realize we live in crazy times.

  1. Anyone with a modicum of common sense consider voting for—let alone listening to—Hillary Clinton should reconsider their own morality. It confounds my rational mind. Forget politics, but don't forget honesty, integrity and the cause of freedom. Read that, the Constitution.
  2. Some are saying stocks are limited. I say that statement is way to limiting. Prices will follow profits, and profits are growing—despite Obama's pathetic handling of government, and our economy, many companies have learned how to adjust to this overbearing (ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and a thousand other restrictions and stupid regulations) government and man-caused slowdown, and they—for the benefit of their shareholders and customers—are moving on. Sorry for using. "moving on."
  3. We are heading into the year end rally. Consider using the stock market for a part-time business. Check out JOB FREE INCOME. Get your copy at
  4. Remember, we do position trading—getting your money in the way of movements. Apple, Disney and Netflix would be good stocks to watch.

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