Business and Politics

  Every day I read and hear about more business leaders coming down on the government for too many regulations, too much red tape, and the threat of more odious regulations and taxes to come. This uncertainty has driven many to the side-lines. Business does not function in confusion and doubt. One problem that is an offspring of this overbearing government is that businesses are making decisions, not based on solid business, marketing and accounting functions, but on politics. It's hard to imagine that every decision to grow and expand, develop new products or sources of revenues, and even decisions of pensions and 401Ks has business leaders turning their heads to Washington D.C. !

It's all backwards. It should not be this way. All of us need a stable environment, steady tax rates, low or no government intrusion. Business would flourish.

In short we need to "GROW OUT OF OUR PROBLEMS." If the current administration would do what I listed above, this would happen. We'd bring down our deficits and our debt with an expanding economy. We'd bring down unemployment with growth opportunities. New companies would start. Businesses would expand and grow. It would be a dream America again. "Government is not the answer, it is the problem." Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him?


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