BREXIT and the US

affiliatesWhat a day this has been. I've been on the sidelines watching the UK's vote to leave the European Union. This process—the commentary, the pundits and the vote—have dominated the US economical discussions. I've been so pro-leave, and I'm glad they have voted to leave. My ancestors come from the Manchester area. We/They want freedom. Socialism is alive and well, and continueally raises its ugly head, but now the people have spoken. This will be fun to see if they can follow Margaret Thatcher's political and economical ideas. Oh, by the way, The Iron Lady, strongly encouraged back when to not join the EU. Prescient.

My philosophy then in now is always for freedom, and big government curtails freedom. Brussels (the capital of the EU) recently dictated to the UK that the people had to change their toasters and blow-dryers. The people have had enough.

Every liberal solution is the beginning of a problem.

But the one defining moment was when Great Britain wanted to sign a Free Trade Agreement, and the EU Council voted no. In fact, it was one member, Romania that withheld their support. Think of that. A smaller, backwards country stops GB from doing what was in the best interest of the people in Canada and Great Britain.

I so dislike government. I hope American awakens and votes for liberty.