Beginnings and Endings: Spiritual.

Studying the beginning of things and he ending of things is very wise. You can explore so much—so much that will help us set straight those things of true importance. We can study our beginning, our birth here on earth. Many of us believe with ample Biblical proof that our beginning, "had elsewhere its setting," as poetically written by William Wordsworth.

We cannot study our ending, but we can study our life, our passions, our beliefs, and of course our thoughts and actions—most of these realizations portend our ending.

And of course, those of us who believe our eternal destiny is wrapped up in God's plan, know we can study, really research Alpha and Omega, a Holy name for God. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our Alpha and Omega. He is our beginning and end. In Him we can have faith and trust.

He is the great "I am." This brings a level of happiness into my life that I have found nowhere else. I do not need more than the gifts, the grace and mercy of Christ.

He was born over 2,000 years ago: Mild He laid His glory by, born that man no more may die. He left His Father, to be born in a stable and placed in a manger, and now goes on before us to prepare our mansions in Heaven.

May you feel of His peace and love this Happy time of year.


So many people relay on my posts to put forth financial information. There will be a post shortly called "Beginnings and Endings: Financial."


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