A Little Humor from a Little Person

A little girl responded, “Fried Chicken,” when asked by her teacher what her favorite animal was. Her teacher didn’t like the answer. But the little girl said, “my parents told me to always tell the truth. I like Fried Chicken.” Her teacher frowned and sent her to the Principal’s office. The Principal laughed and told her not to do it again. He sent her back to class. The teacher asked her again, “What is your favorite—alive—animal?” She said, “chicken, because we can fry it.” This really upset the teacher, and off she went to the Principal’s office again. The Principal laughed, but in that it was late in the day, he sent her home, after telling her not to do it again.

“Daddy, you tell me to always tell the truth.” She repeated the story. Her father said, “maybe she’s a member of PETA. They love animals, you know?” “I do too,” said the little girl, “and pork and beef.”

The next day, upon returning to class, the teacher asked her another question, “Who is your favorite person?” She answered, “Colonel Sanders.”

Guess where she is now?

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