A few thoughts

This is a interesting time. There will be the January effect, meaning most Januarys are good months in the stock market. This doesn't mean it's a straight line up, there may be a few rocky days, as we've seen yesterday and today. This does present a few opportunities. This post however is about comparing a few covered call trades. I post this so you can get good at figuring out option premiums——meaning time to expiration and implied volatility. I hope you study this in your PAID TO TRADE Home Study Course. NOTE: This course is powerful and right now there is a really powerful discount if you sign up for WIN's TDT.

I was looking at HIMX. The stock is at $5.90 and the $6 calls for January are 30¢ to sell. Think of this. It's a one week trade, expiring next Friday. Oh, these are for the $6 calls. 1,000 shares would be $5,900 or half of that on margin. You'd take in $300 for tying up your stock for eight days—agreeing to sell it for $6. If you actually did sell the stock, you'd make an extra 10¢, or $100. But you make the $300 now whether you sell the stock or not.

Now let's look at the February's. The same $6 call is going for 55¢ to sell. That would be $550 into your account in one day. Your stock is tied up for 5 plus weeks, but where else can you get $2,900 making $550 for a month and a week.

A few more: JC Penneys, JCP is $6.38 and the January $6.50 options are 31¢ to sell. That's quite impressive for one week. you can sell the February $7 call options for 32¢, but you would make quite a bit more if called out at $7.

I hope you new people understand all of this. Go to wadecook.org and get the FREE Money Report, JOB FREE INCOME, and see this strategy come alive. Your future is too important, your retirement too close to leave finances up to chance. Get knowledgeable and get profitable.

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